We are reorganising our strategy at the moment, only placing them at stable long term interest for bitcoin investment. Please proceed with care for this period as the rise of bitcoin price had brought up the greed of some HYIP owners, only the genuiue and honest ones will be paying for this period. Welcome New and Regular Investors. **Important Reminder**: Please check the HYIP status before Investing or REinvesting into any program, check to see if the program has a problem or is not paying, this step can prevent you from making a loss. Register a free account with us now. Welcome to HYIPreview.info, a plaform to look for the best advice for your High Yield Investments. Earn your money online with like-minded individuals around the world. Finding a source to comment, rate or provide feedback on any High Yield Investment Programs. Register with us a free account to monitor your HYIP investment status, share revenue with us on your deposit, and interact with other investors like you. All these for Free. Watch this space as HYIPReview.info brings you more assist tools and great hyip deals online. Check out here on our site, we had been around since 2004, we certainly know our stuff. Thank you for your trust and support.

Latest HYIP News:

EthTrade News

Ethtrade had inform that in accordance with the company's license to manage financial capital, they are forced to introduce additional restrictions when registering accounts that refer to citizens of all non-Asian countries.

If any investors are a resident of any of these countries, please do not attempt to register an account.

Non-Asian countries new investors are not allowed to participate in the investment.

For existing investors, they can immediately withdraw funds or the funds will be automatically added to their balance sheet within the next month. Auto reinvest is also not available for these group of investors.

Jun-15-2017 07:48:38 AM

Bay Invest News

Dear Fellow Investors,

After 10 days of operation, we are having more than 400 members and nearly $9,000 was deposited, there are many investors have successfully withdrawn money after our first cycle. We would like to sincerely thank all the partners who have trusted us. Thank you so much!

Now we have an event for our partners. From today, all your deposits will receive 10% bonus for all our investment packages. It will be automatically added to your account same the plan you have deposited.

Sign Up & Enjoy with us now.

BayInvest.net Team

Jun-13-2017 06:50:52 AM

Phishing sites of CMETrades

CMETrades have started receiving questions about sites that are trying to copy our domain name and some part of design of our site.

Please be advised that only https://cmetrades.com/ is legit.

Yours faithfully,
CME Trades Limited

Jun-4-2017 10:40:32 AM

SteepShare Celebration

From SteepShare Admin;

Today a special hourly plan is added just to celebrate our coming 100 days. This plan is work only for the next coming days and on 100th day it will be shut down.


May-18-2017 10:42:54 PM

TradeGlobal News

Hello Investors,

Assalam o Alaikum and Hi too all People. !!!

I want to share a thought that why i created ' Trade Global Club '
First i saw that lots of people are being scammed by different projects again and again,So i felt really sad for tham and then day and night i started focusing that how can i manage a project with such a kind of earnings which can be payable.

So i build up a small team and then i founded that it can be possible if the admin is Honest,Transparent and a kind hearted.

As long as i remember,from My childhood to my present age, i never did bad with any one and never dishearted any one.It is just because i always wanted to see people happy for ever.,i want that every one who stays with me,keep on smiling and give me good prayers.

I got a lesson from life, that ' MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING ' Because when a person dies,nothing goes with him except good deeds.

So,i promise you, that i will do my level best to ensure that each one of my client remains happy.

IN SHA ALLAH, GOD is with my Strong believe,And i hope you will support me all the way towards our journey.


Official FB Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1008030615964901/

Apr-18-2017 12:23:50 AM

CoinSnack News

CoinSnack is happy to announce to welcome our 1000st investor today!

They had reached $50,000 deposits and pay more than $14,000 by their clients.

They had a new insurance program, starting with:

- Bestinvestor.ru by $500 insurance
- Profvest.com by $500 insurance
- Rich-and-free.com by $300 insurance

Newly joined insurance :

- Fairmonitor by $500 insurance
- E-Invest.biz by $500 insurance

Overall, they had passed $6000 invests by 8 days! Thank you for your trust!

Best Regards,
Coinsnack LTD, Comfortable trading environment

Apr-11-2017 09:31:51 AM

Gamebet News

Dear Investors and Members of Gamebet,

Today marks the 10th day since we have launched, so we thought it would be a good time to send out a news update to our members!

I am pleased to say that we have had an amazing start for our program and after only 10 days we now have over $100k in deposits and over 1800 investors.

More importantly, there have been no more problems with our site after we have upgraded the server and everything has been working perfectly after the upgrade.

We are totally prepared now for the long term future of our project and believe we are in a great position to make GameBet one of the best projects of 2017!

We have very exciting things we have planned, so get ready for new updates coming soon!

Remember, we have a very active Facebook and Telegram group, so be sure to join us to chat with our team and other members of the site!

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/290013638102052

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEImf_vEfEa59dUjHA


Jacob Pickering

Gamebet Admin
[email protected]

Apr-11-2017 09:25:41 AM

TP-Fxpro News

Good day, all our investors!

In this day we would like to share with our great news with all our investors around the world, who actively takes a part in the investment company TP FX PRO LTD.
We would like to announce that today TP FX PRO LTD. celebrating it's 150 days online! This is a great day because for this long period of time we have reached a great results on the investment market.

We would like to share with company achievement for today:

- Total Invested: $9,342,674.93
- Total Withdrawn: $3,220,068.42
- Total Investors: 13505
- Global Alexa Rank: 124,076
- Audience Geography Alexa TOP 3 Country:
United States - 40,920
India - 45,940
United Kingdom - 42,462

Our phone operator is ready to answer any kind of questions that you have. Just call by provided phone number at Support page or write us by mail. Our email support is available 24/7.
Phone support working time : 10:00AM till 18:00 PM by UK local time.

Don't forget to contact one of our official representatives. You may ask them any question you have about our company:

You can reach your financial freedom already today, just join Trading Platform FX PRO LTD. and experience new journey from online investment!

We can make your dreams come true!

Sincerely Yours,
John Mayer,
60 Cannon Street,
London, United Kingdom,

Apr-3-2017 01:51:54 PM

Zooo Latest News Update

Good Day, Investor!

We welcome everyone who reads these lines. Zooo Proprietary Limited continues to improve day by day in order to maximize the strategy of the “Humanity success evolutionâ€￾ and to implement it as widely as possible.

Projects on protection and development of the environment, medicine, animal agriculture, alternative energy sources and some other related areas have become the focus of Zooo.cc Proprietary Limited main interest; our analysts have been able to find enough projects in these areas to integrate them into one mechanism that with help of BigData tools allows you to control the distribution of funding from private investors and their profit, including on a microscopic deposit.

The minimum amount of investments is $50 and there are no restrictions on geography or the number of deposits. We do not put forward any additional requirements, that is, there are no hidden conditions. Investment plans are fixed and changed only for the better offering the maximum attraction for you.

With zooo.cc website our company wants to unite people from all over the world. In this regard, we are looking for representatives and provide them with an attractive interest rate of 11%.

The referral link of the representative will be placed directly in the list of representatives.

This week we will update the map to show the real coverage of our company and also will add more convenient navigation by countries.

If you want to support our company, we offer you also the opportunity to publish your payments not only on the websites of our ratings (https://zooo.cc/index.php?a=rateus) and forums, but also on official pages in social networks:


You can do this under any publication, adding your unique referral link to your transfer information.

Where to find your referral link you can see in this video: https://youtu.be/D10D5lLnLXM

With best regards,
Your Zooo.cc team

Apr-3-2017 01:47:19 PM

Detron News Update

Dear investor,

We would like to inform you, our team extended the validity of our domain Detron.biz until 2020-02-03. This is to prove our stabilty and commitment to our investors.

Admin of Detron

Mar-29-2017 09:40:23 PM

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