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Xabo Support News

Hello all all Xabo Platform users!

Today we want to cover up some very important topics which are being related to the customer support team work and our daily assistance. In order to improve our service and keep you always up to date we provide a wide spectrum of support channels aimed at your security, satisfaction in all services we offer plus outstanding user experience.

Although you have many ways of contacting our Support Team, there is still a set of guidelines created for each user of Xabo Platform.

First of all we explain you how all the channels work and with what purpose each was created in a first place.

Xabo Platform offers 7 basic options to answer on all the questions which might come up during your investment process. Those are:

- Call Back request service

- Online Chat

- Frequently asked Questions

- Support form page

- Ticketing service

- Local chats and communities

- Social channels & News



This feature being provided for all the users who’s willing to have a full comprehensive consultation on all the questions regarding our company, Xabo Platform and investment process. If you want us to call you back, our assistants will do it no matter which location you are at. Simply go at http://xabo.io/ and scroll homepage down where you can see “Request Freee Callback” Let us know your international phone number and we will reply you shortly.

Key points of your successful call back service usage

- Use a call back if you want to get a fee-less consultation time only. Please do not use this feature with any temporary technical problems. Our call back professionals are not able to proceed tickets and using call back as a “problem report” will never speed up the process. If you have any technical issue please login your personal account at https://xabo.io/login Where you’ll find a support button (blue square ife-buoy, on the right side of your screen)

- Provide only international number and try to keep your cellular device active at the exact time shown in your request. Note that during international calls technical or connection issues might occur, let our team handle it and you will get you back as soon as possible.

- Take your time. Our assistants work hard and help thousands of clients daily, it is normal to wait from 12 to 48 business hours before receiving a call back from us. Please keep calm and carry on…



Our online chat makes possible to have a live talk with our assistants at the time they are online. When you see an active chat window on the website - don’t hesitate, talk with us! We provide you with a complete feedback over your question.

Key points of effective & professional chatting

- Make it compact. Try to describe everything as detailed as possible. Being specific helps us to organize our work processes and best requests with amazing attitude being always helped out on the spot! Create a complete message with full description of your question and watch us typing you back at the speed light!

- Leave an offline message. Although it is not physically possible for us to stay online 24/7 at the website live chat, we can always receive your message and assist you once we came back online. We read all the requests and never miss any of them.



Did you know that 99% of your answers can be found in our FAQ section? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section to help you out when you have a question: https://xabo.io/faq



This page being created for all the guests and potential partners. If you are not an existing user of our Platform you still can easily reach us using Support Form


Make sure to pay attention at the left quick FAQ section as well. Answer might be somewhere nearby.

Key points of your amazing support form experience

- Select a particular request topic before sending your message. This will help us to prioritize your inquiry and forward it to the right department.

- Be very specific at your message. This is not an online service and best way to use it - writing everything you want to say in a single request. Help us reply you quickly with no delay by creating a compact beautiful text!

- Provide us with some data. Showing screenshots, files (via safe links) or other examples as well as related websites can also be effective for both parties.



If you are an existing user of Xabo and experience some difficulties or temporary technical issues please use only ticket form at your account. Your case will be linked to the profile so it can be easily fixed or answered by our technical specialists. It is the most effective way to solve any technical related issues which you might experience on the way.

Key factors to get a tremendously fast first emergency ticket respond

- Specifics at each step. Making your message complete and request clear from emotions or distracting factors will speed up the process. Examples and related links is a helpful instrument for our technical assistants. Remember, ticketing system is a direct request from from the user to our specialists. Doing it right we guarantee your satisfaction and resolving status of any matter.

- Keep up with our schedule. That is a tough work no wonder why our tech. guys and girls need some time to reply. Thanks to the automated system, notification will be received as soon as your question will be resolved. So give us some time to reply, knowing that 12-24 hours is a normal pace to proceed your request by our assistants.

Never duplicate your tickets because they simply go back in schedule and the whole waiting process will start again.



Being a human makes you want to get social with others. Thanks to our secure Telegram based community chats in each country you can always seek for help and talk directly with investors like you! Join your country chat today! Get your telegram now at https://telegram.org/

Key points to become a part of Xabo community

- Talk only at your native language at the chat which use it officially. English chat - english only. Brazil chat - Portuguese is a go. Japanese chat - guess what, beautiful ancient philosophic symbols can be seen there but nothing else and that is good. Respect culture of each person. Always remember - once somebody do something inappropriate (spamming, flooding, advertising of any kind) our watchful moderators team will “punish” that person with a penny. Yes, real penny.

- Become social! Chats made for instant communication and talking with others. Unite and explore amazing world of Bitcoin and worldwide shipping together!

- Having difficulties? Talk with our support privately at http://t.me/xabo_support. It might be challenging for our Support team to keep up with a chats due to the fact of many people being there, so make sure to provide full feedback only via the personal message in telegram to our assistance or other channels described earlier. Never duplicate your message because it can be considered as flooding and frankly makes our assistant’s job much harder. Kindly wait for the reply as long as it is necessary and only ask again if you did not get any feedback within 24 hours. By using a specific support channel we’ll likely reach you faster then a wind.

- Control your emotions. We all people with a right to become a little bit to happy, to stressful or to exited. But respectfully letting our support assistants doing their duty make everybody happy. Let’s keep it that way!

Join our official country Telegram chats here:

ENGLISH CHAT https://telegram.me/joinchat/D37M8kFwhkYalHjD46Jomw

BRAZIL / PORT. CHAT https://telegram.me/joinchat/D37M8gmAAcCF-47TMxPJoA

SPANISH CHAT https://telegram.me/joinchat/D37M8j-nQgqdYvBPpsXh6g

GERMAN CHAT https://telegram.me/joinchat/D37M8kDGxYc-MegcX7O9Uw

RUSSIAN CHAT https://telegram.me/joinchat/D37M8kGHU80ZSnSVrU8HQw

Be polite, remember that spamming is disrespectful and useless and we say it just in case, because we know you are the most amazing person with a good intend to earn, lead and be helpful to others!



Let’s face it, it is a face of our community. First impression never lie. Facebook group was made to show to the world all the tremendous power of cryptocurrency united together with trusted business processes of worldwide shipping. We work hard to make our brand trusted and respected all around the globe.

Follow Xabo to get all the recent updates and useful tips at:



Official Xabo Logistics Blog


Key factors to help us grow and spread the word!

- Facebook group or any other channel is not a ticketing system. It is only an informational resource, helpful for all the people came across and wanted to spread the sails of their investments. Kindly use Support channels provided earlier to help us reply you fast and assist in no time. You should not ask for technical help in the comment sections - it will not work. Moderators do their own job with zero interference of other teams.

- Share your success! Xabo is big, bigger than you might think, and sharing is carrying! You get your payments daily and we do deliver our service. It is a good time to simply say “thank you” to our team! This can motivate and empower us all towards new achievements!

This manual will definitely improve the overall quality of the Xabo Investment Platform. Professionally orientate your questions to the correct department and get an assistance shortly. Never use multiple channels for your question, it only jamming our team. At any case scenario remember - we are at your service and our duty is to help you on the way.

Share this information to all the team of yours, but most important - practice is.

Let’s get a smooth and profitable ride together!

Best regards!


Jan-7-2017 11:35:31 AM

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