We are reorganising our strategy at the moment, only placing them at stable long term interest for bitcoin investment. Please proceed with care for this period as the rise of bitcoin price had brought up the greed of some HYIP owners, only the genuiue and honest ones will be paying for this period. Welcome New and Regular Investors. **Important Reminder**: Please check the HYIP status before Investing or REinvesting into any program, check to see if the program has a problem or is not paying, this step can prevent you from making a loss. Register a free account with us now. Welcome to HYIPreview.info, a plaform to look for the best advice for your High Yield Investments. Earn your money online with like-minded individuals around the world. Finding a source to comment, rate or provide feedback on any High Yield Investment Programs. Register with us a free account to monitor your HYIP investment status, share revenue with us on your deposit, and interact with other investors like you. All these for Free. Watch this space as HYIPReview.info brings you more assist tools and great hyip deals online. Check out here on our site, we had been around since 2004, we certainly know our stuff. Thank you for your trust and support.

Latest HYIP News:

Detron Latest News

Dear HYIP Investors, we would like to inform you about our news and updates.

Today our team add new section with our advantages and information about our portfolio with distribution of funds. For next week we preparing new language of our website.
First will be Russian language.

And next we preparing ratings graph for our customers, which will inform you about our daily ratings on main page (now you can see this information in your dashboard > new investment, under the banner plan)
You can see our team still working to improve our services.

Thank you for your trust.


Sebastian Craig

Mar-15-2017 10:44:26 PM

Tea-House News

Dear investors and partners of the TEA HOUSE INC LIMITED company!

Today 80 days of our successful work online.

We're could to create the safe conditions at the which each investor of our program has an opportunity to invest money in our program safely and profitable.

And we see how progressing the confidence of investors .

Today the total quantity of invested funds makes: $ 2427397.35
And as you can see, our activities makes the high stable profit.

Already today by our investors have earned and obtained: $ 800396.76
And, of course, grows also the popularity of our program.

Investors from around the world join us and today the number of active accounts makes: 6677

We see the tangible progress and growth of trust from ours clients.

We with thanks accept cooperation and as a special sign to all the partners we give an opportunity of high earnings for those who aren't able to afford to invest too large amounts.

For such clients of our company we have developed the new "Nuwara Elya (VIP Long) of 2000% after 20 days" investment plan which will allow to earn very essential profit even at the small volumes of investments.

Our aspiration to common well being proves every day our capability to create the best conditions for our investors.

Watch for updates of news.

Have some tea. Make some money.

Mar-14-2017 01:10:14 PM

TP-Fxpro Updates

Good day, all our investors!

Our investment company TP FX PRO LTD. sharing profits with it's investors around the world already for 130 days. We appreciate that investors choose us for managing their funds. Popularity to our company growing daily and we thankful for your trust.

In nearest time will be added new video review's from our investors, who is impressed with our company. They are glad to share with you all with their experience and how they started investing with Trading Platform FX PRO.

Our phone operator is ready to answer any kind of questions that you have. Just call by provided phone number at Support page or write us by mail. Our email support is available 24/7.
Phone support working time : 10:00AM till 18:00 PM by UK local time.

You may also contact one of our official representatives by next provided link:

We would like to share with company achievement for today:

- Total invested: $7453154.15
- Total withdrawn: $2534802.58
- Total investors: 12820

Trading Platform FX PRO offering best investment solution that you can find nowadays. Choose one of our investment plans and receive guaranteed stable income. Daily earning starting from 108%. You won't find any better offer.

Invest now and increase your capital already tomorrow.

Sincerely Yours,
John Mayer,
60 Cannon Street,
London, United Kingdom,

Mar-10-2017 11:34:09 AM

Bonus from IncomeeX

Hello Investors,


We have added bonus to all accounts ( 23570 members) . Bonus amount is between 0.05 till 500 USD, Our system added the amount by random.

You can login and withdraw your bonus instant!

Mar-7-2017 10:27:39 PM

Japan Recognizes Bitcoin

Japan Officially Recognizes Bitcoin and Digital Currencies as Money

Japanese banks are set for embracing Bitcoin after proposed new laws. Has Bitcoin finally come of age in the land of the rising sun?

On March 4, 2016, The Japan Times reported that the Cabinet in Japan had approved a series of bills which would help the banking sector expand their reach when it comes to Information Technology businesses. This intertwining of banking and IT are called ‘FinTech’ in emerging parlance.

Interestingly, the cabinet also takes into stock the rising importance of virtual currencies and the new bills will recognize them as a means of making payments and having the potential to be digitally transferred.

Japan has just given virtual currencies legitimacy, something that many other nations are still struggling to come to terms with.

So Saito, Attorney at Law who specialises in Virtual Currencies, says to CoinTelegraph:

"I think that new law will advance an acceptance of Bitcoin and other VC. Some of major financial institutions, investors, and advertising agencies etc. have hesitated being relevant with Bitcoin. The reasons are that Bitcoin is not regulated, the nature of it has been uncertain and some still have a bad impression on Bitcoin."

Sunrise for Bitcoin in the land of the rising sun?

The government in Japan is attempting to bring virtual currencies under the purview of the Financial Services Agency (FSA), the same Japanese agency which manages transactions that take place in Japan’s own currency, the Yen. This will also mean that there would registeration of exchanges which handle virtual currencies aimed at preventing money laundering and extending more protection to the people who use Bitcoin and other such currencies.

Bringing Information Technology to Banking
The banking sector in Japan would benefit the most from the proposed laws. Already the banks in Japan are more open-minded about Bitcoin than their European peers who seem to shut the doors to people who are active participants in the crypto world.

Jeremy Wood, Co-founder and CSO of Input Output, a company which operates in Hong Kong and Japan, says:

“I think in some respects, the banks have already accepted Bitcoin. Japan doesn’t have the bank closings that happen to Bitcoin companies.”

So are the Japanese banks ready to take a huge leap of faith and start embracing Bitcoin?

Takao Asayama of Tech Bureau Corp (Zaif Exchange) thinks so and told us that things started changing in January 2016 because before that in 2015 virtual currencies were, in his words, “Voldemort” to the banks in Japan. He says that in January 2016, Japanese banks started running experiments and started talking about cryptocurrencies with “smiles” to the media. Takao is of the view that they are getting ready to adopt it as a part of business when the law comes into force next year.

Kaga of Coincheck.jp also chimes in with his view that since the announcement banks are showing an interest in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. He thinks this would mean more opportunities for established Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. However, he feels that due to increased regulations startups might face more difficulty in entering the market.

The Road Ahead
Japan has paved the way for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies to play a role in the country’s financial system. This way these currencies can be better regulated and managed within the country.

The technology behind these currencies can also be utilised by the existing banking system. This will certainly give Japanese banking system an edge on early adoption. This does not mean though that Bitcoin has a status parallel to the Japanese Yen.

Mar-7-2017 10:24:31 PM

Dowerly Announcement


Our Apologies

We are just writing to let you know: We have resolved the recent login problems. From now on you can access your account without any interruption. Automatic withdrawals are also re-enabled. The problems were caused by a server misconfiguration due to a recent server move.

Feb-28-2017 08:42:35 PM

CryptoCapitals Offers

We appreciate our investors who are serious about investing with CryptoCapitals.com.

We offer a great bonus for those of you who make a deposit of minimum $ 400 USD (or equivalent in bitcoin) , we will add to your account up to 100% of the total deposit you make. Deposit bonus can be withdrawn immediately, anytime you want, just after you receive it to your e-currency account!


More info: https://cryptocapitals.com/p/page/depositbonus/
The offer available till 15th of March!

CryptoCapitals Team

Feb-28-2017 08:36:58 PM

Updated Scam HYIPs

5deposit.com, InstantCoin.biz, HourCoins.com, BitRevenue.org website is no longer valid and had scammed. Please do take note.

Feb-27-2017 01:26:07 PM

Xabo Latest News

After a successful migration to the new blocktrail.com Bitcoin merchant in order to enhance overall platform security and stability, there are some additions being made by Xabo Financial Department.

Here is a direct message from XFD:


It's being noticed that quite a few users were involved in some strange affiliate activity with their deposits in order to get more extra bonuses, which cannot be tolerated. As a financial department, we have to take care of all the potential affiliate fraud cases by checking all the deposited funds and payouts.

- Do not create more than 1 profile from 1 physicals address. It may lead all your accounts to be permanently blocked.

- Do not create a fraud affiliate chain. It is easy to check and surely all people who do it will be BLOCKED with no explanations.

- Do not purchase additional levels and do not try to create anything which can be potential against our terms & uses.

The rule is simple - one person must have ONLY ONE account otherwise, your accounts or the whole team (including your upline) may be permanently blocked at Xabo Platform.

Be responsible for your actions. Again - after close case investigation it is very clear for XFD who did what and why...


We also see that many users request to chance a PIN of other user's accounts. They might think that it is not visible for us, but note that it is illegal and go against after all the terms & uses displayed on the website. We care about investor's fund's security so ALL PIN change requests will be reviewed by XFD directly with all the account ownership proofs ONLY. Do not forget your PIN and write it down, do not tell your PIN to anybody (even Xabo Support Assistants) It is your main withdrawal instrument and please take care of it.


Due to the Xabo Platform extensive growth and development, large participants quantity and over 40K daily requests being made, we have to follow some requirements made by our Bitcoin partner merchant.

- All payouts from 1-500$ will proceed instantly and fully automatic.
No extra check required. Completely automated and easy to work with large quantities by blocktrail.com

- All requests from 500-1000$ will proceed only after 24 business hours. They MUST follow an Auto /Manual check. Manual profile check needed by Xabo Financial Department (X.F.D)
(deposits fraud prevention center)

- All requests from 1000-10,000$ (ten thousand dollars) will be completed only within 48 business hours. Full upline and team tree checks are necessary by X.F.D (deposits fraud prevention center & multi profiles, affiliates fraud checking)

- All requests from 10,000-100,000$ only directly made payouts by the X.F.D after user’s request confirmation (due to security, tax & legal requirements from blocktrail.com for business owners)

Feb-21-2017 10:53:51 PM

Xabo.io Feb News


More than 71,000 Active investors earning money daily!
More than $15,398,816 already being paid to investors!
Over $31,401,303 invested in 8 motnhs!
Up to 5% daily return of your investments with instant withdrawals on the spot since the beginning of 2016!
It is not a miracle, it is Xabo Logistics International LTD rocks around the globe uniting biggest shipping business with the power of cryptocurrency!

Feb-19-2017 07:33:57 AM

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