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Latest HYIP News:

Earntech Scammed

Earntech had creased payment from 26th, hence we had downgraded it to Scammed Listing.

Jan-1-2017 11:57:28 AM

BlueChipLab Scammed

BlueChipLab has not been paying since 21th Dec. Email was not reply. Hence we had moved it to scam listing.

Dec-27-2016 11:20:23 PM Scammed website is no longer around, the scam seems to have linked to the rise of bitcoin price. We had moved it to scam listing.

Dec-26-2016 10:04:21 AM Scammed

All good things eventually will come to an end, Truebit payout is on pending since 16th Dec, admin is not contactable, please do not reinvest anymore.

Dec-21-2016 11:49:47 AM

BTC-Flash Scammed

We are supposed to be paid on 20th Dec, a 5 days plan, but was not paid, contact email and support seems not valid, hence we had label and shift BTC-Flash to scammed listing to warn other investors.

Dec-21-2016 11:44:33 AM

Razzleton Promo.

Happy Birthday Razzleton!
Razzleton HealthCare Limited is celebrating the first anniversary since the launch of the Razzleton investment platform. On this wonderful date, we would like to share our joy with all our participants.

Open a new deposit and receive a 5% bonus of the deposit amount. You can open as many deposits and receive as many bonuses as you want.

P.S. In exchange, we would be glad to see your congratulations in our social media, and your feedback on cooperation over the past year.

Dec-19-2016 02:55:49 AM

EarningHike Scam

We had confirm had stop payment and had shift it to Scam listing.

Dec-17-2016 10:42:21 PM

Added BTC-Flash HYIP

Have added to our "Our HYIP Portfolio". Please read admin comment before investing.

Dec-15-2016 03:44:17 AM Downgraded

We had downgraded to Iron grade due to numerous earning not paid and no email reply reported by few investors. There is no smoke without fire, we had decided to downgrade this Hyip to Iron Grade and status to "not monitor" to safeguard investor invest and to be fair to the hyip.

Dec-12-2016 11:40:15 PM Scam ceased payment, no email reply nor action on pending profit for 4 days. Hence we had shift and label it as scam in our listing.

Dec-12-2016 11:17:23 PM

Xabo Ship Cargo Investment