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Latest HYIP News:

TopBitHourly Scam had stopped payment for more than 4 days, hence shifted to scam listing.

Dec-8-2016 09:07:03 AM

New Arrangement of Our Portfolio and had been upgraded to "Our HYIP Portfolio", had been lowered to Gold Listing as we had decided to temporarily stop investing.

Dec-8-2016 08:48:44 AM

Latest New from Superminers

Our company is moving forward and conquers new markets increasing the profit of all investment process participants!
In this connection, we have translated the website into Chinese, as it is spoken by more than 1.3 billion people throughout the world.

An important news is that social networks , , are connected on the main page. There, you may share reviews and provide information support facilitating the promotion of company SUPERMINERS LTD! Managers of our company keep statistics of the most active social network users, promoting our common success, to distinguish and award them.

We are saying with confidence that the high stable profit with our company is reality!

We are constantly working toward our mutual benefit. Our IT specialists have just bought several data-centers which will marginally increase our profits from mining. To celebrate this event, we are glad to provide you with SM Hourly and SM Hourly VIP. This is a major step for us, which puts us that much closer to even greater success.

Dec-6-2016 06:23:23 PM

Latest New from

Good day to all of you!

As part of our continuous development and innovation, we are pleased to inform everyone that we have started to accept Neteller and Skrill as another payment processor to process the payments and deposits on our website. It’s a strong payment systems that a lot of members would like to use. We will process Neteller/ Skrill deposit and withdraw manually. So it may take up to 6 hours to process the deposit or withdrawal operation (usually about 1 hour)
- Minimum deposit for Neteller/ Skrill - $10
- Minimum withdrawal amount is $5

If you have any questions about new payment systems do not hesitate to contact our support department.

Leo Wilkinson, CEO TrueBit Group Ltd.

Dec-6-2016 06:19:53 PM Scam site is not online since 25th Nov 2016. Hence we will moved the listing to scam listing.

Dec-5-2016 12:42:49 PM Scam had SCAMMED after 7 days online in operation. Site is not longer around, an there is pending payout.

Dec-5-2016 08:53:31 AM

BigVenture5 Scam

BigVenture5 had stopped payment to investor since 3 days ago, communication to webmaster was not successful, hence we had decided to move to our Scam HYIP Listing.

Nov-30-2016 07:10:14 AM Scam had stopped payout since 28th November 2016 and we had hence moved it to our Scam HYIP Listing.

Nov-30-2016 07:07:01 AM Scam is reported Scam and has been verified not paying, thus it is moved to scam listing

Nov-27-2016 10:13:34 PM Scam had stopped payment after 600 days of operation and is no longer around. We had move it to Scammed Listing.

Nov-25-2016 10:44:52 PM

Xabo Ship Cargo Investment