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StablePower is an energy technology company that drives its business through innovation. We sell renewable energy and we construct environmental & energy infrastructures for third parties. Due to constant technological development, StablePower is able to maintain a competitive advantage that generates value. We want to share this value generated among our investors & clients to make it profitable for everyone. StablePower headquarters is located in UK though we have numerous electricity & thermal plants all over the globe.

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CAPITALLER has focused on projects including Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Stock, Bonds, Hedge Fund, Gold and related businesses in the Asia, Middle East, Far East and North America. With a comprehensive business standard and a team of experienced leadership make up the core of a steadfast foundation which has enabled allowed us to succeed and remain strong in the face of global financial challenges.

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HYIP-A is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.

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Trading on multicurrency Forex market becomes more popular not only financial but also investment activity, it easily can bring high income when pursuing a policy of risk diversification. Such result can be achieved thanks to various trading tools, experienced traders and, of course, using different methods of electronic currencies. Trusted 100 Limited has a wealth of trading experience and developed own breakeven trading system with high-yield capabilities since 2010. Combining of progressive methods allows Trusted100 to efficiently increase financial turnover: that is why company management has decided to start attracting funds from investors in the trust management.

Nov-15-2016 05:10:38 AM


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TopBit Hourly is a new range of cloudmining services brought to you by the TopBitCoins team of cryptomining experts. Our team has been involved with cryptocurrencies since the inception of Bitcoin and has over 3 years of experience in the field of mining cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to make mining accessible to all users regardless of age, location, investment, technical nouse or experience.

We want to give our customers an opportunity to try out cryptocurrency mining and earn Bitcoin as a reward.

Nov-15-2016 05:08:49 AM Scam has stopped payment for 12 days and had been moved to Scam HYIP Listing.

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We would like to thank you for the brilliant response and support you have shown and made Bigventure5 a great success.
We are constantly getting emails to apply Payza and Solidtrustpay as our payment processors as well, I would like to inform my investors that we have started working for it and we will update you shortly on this.

Be A Part Of The Biggest Venture This winters.
Maximize your profits with Bigventure5.

For support you can also use our skype chat - bigventure5 ( 24/7 available).

Thank you for your support,

Bigventure5 Team

Nov-12-2016 07:18:10 AM Latest Change

From Leo Wilkinson;

First customers have already reached 3rd stage of our investment program, and we can take stock of the first 40 days of our project. We are pleased to inform that more than 80% investors don't withdraw deposits from the project after their 20-days period completed (as well as after 40 days, a lot of users have stepped up the third stage and already earn 3.2% daily). We thank you for the trust! That means one thing: our investment plan works, and it works great!

In this regard, we have decided to reduce the period of freezing your deposit from 20 days to 5 days, especially as some investors asked us about this for a long time. So from now on, you don't need to wait for the 2nd stage (i.e. for 20th day of your investment period). Your deposit will be fully at your disposal in 5 days - you are only able to decide when you quit our project.

We are also working on some innovations in Personal Account which will make investment process more user-friendly and efficient. Stay tuned!

Leo Wilkinson, CEO TrueBit Group Ltd.

Nov-9-2016 01:47:35 AM Scam has been moved to Scam HYIP Listing.

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BigVenture5 Limited is able to implement strategic investments for the benefit of our investors. BigVenture5 pride ourselves on the long-term relationships they had build with preferred developers, to whom we offer strong financial commitment and overseas marketing support in return for priority access to the best global property investment opportunities for our clients.These opportunities are then put through a rigorous process of due diligence before being selected for presentation to investors and distributors. BigVenture5 provide comprehensive support throughout every stage of the investment process including, if required, the ongoing management, rental and resale of investments. To date, the value of the property our clients have invested in through BigVenture5 is over 6 billion across 40 markets worldwide.

You can get your profit at any moment. And remember - the more you deposit, the more you earn. We have highly profitable investment plans, and you can just choose the more interesting for you. You will be surprised how many people work for our company. And you can earn a huge sum of money without any efforts. Simply deposit money and wait. All the rest will be made by our experts. They are engaged in it for all life, and we can give you guarantees that you won't risk your money.

Bigventure5 Limited helps you to get an incredible high return on your investments. If you don't like to waste time and if you want to earn big money easy - this program is for you.

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