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What is ‘Soft Stock’ website?

The website Soft Stock shows you a fresh approach to find and download the most recent web applications. Soft Stock website is a source where you can find newest versions of delicately chosen software for operating systems: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Top 10 advances of using Soft Stock:

  • Quality software and applications in hand.
  • The most up-to-date Windows and Mac OS and Web apps.
  • Only the latest software versions, icons, screenshots and additional applications
  • Download archives of older versions in case the most recent version aren’t up to you.
  • Availability of technical characteristics, logbooks and comments for all kinds of programs.
  • Usable interface design for an improved user experience.
  • Pages are optimized for quicker, better navigation.
  • Quick downloads from special servers with a 1Gb connectivity and back-up support.
  • All programs are tested by using VirusTotal and Google Safe Browsing which are 100% free spyware and virus.
  • Social nets, RSS-channels and notifying system helps to stay current with the newest updates.

Resources for Press

For both authors and bloggers who write or make blogs about our site, certain materials that will help you to create an article are given. We offer a thorough analysis of the website, a full resolution logo and screenshot of the website. Should you require anything else please feel free to contact us!


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