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The main aim of Soft Stock is to give our users an opportunity to choose high-qualified software. In case you are a developer of any, we would be happy to contact you. We are to make a decision whether to publish it or not.

When submitting your software, please include the following information:

  1. The name and the version of your program
  2. Program and/or company website link
  3. A link allowing you to install the program.
  4. Icon of program (if possible 256px x 256px, if possible)
  5. Screening program (elective)
  6. Brief description of the program and its main elements (if yes)
  7. View YouTube video (if any)
  8. Link to PAD file (if any)
  9. Sister company program link (eventual)


Use our contact form to send the program. Moreover, remember to identify yourself to know whether you are a software developer, a software company agent or a representative of it.

When you send the software, Full Stack Technology FZCO requests to use your program name and icon, screenshots; the link to install files on your server or mirror them on ours. 

We are partners with such well-known networks as:,,, and, therefore let us know what is your affiliate program’s URL. 

Every product will be tested by our team, VirusTotal and Google Safe Browsing for malware. Soft Stock reserves right to decline listing or to delist any product already listed that is reported by VirusTotal as Virus, Trojan, Malware or for containing PUP (potentially unwanted applications).


Update listing

If the program overview or download link need to be apprised on Soft Stock web, please contact us and tell us about the alteration.

Remove a program

If you need to remove your program from our website, please contact us. In case of breach of copyright watch our DMCA page.