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ASUS Live Update is a system and driver management application that aims to provide users who own ASUS systems (most notably laptop users) with a utility that will automatically scan official online ASUS database and perform a lookup for newer versions of drivers than those which are installed on your current version of Windows. Because drivers are incredibly important software packages that define the way how your OS can interact with various hardware components, having the latest and most stable drivers installed represents one of the key ways of not only ensuring the fastest performance on your PC, but also the first step toward making your system stable, error-free and reliable.

Laptops and pre-made PCs almost always come with some sort of driver utility preinstalled on their OS, but the majority of users prefer to de-clutter their boot sequence and free up valuable resources for their primary applications. Those systems are then left static, without the ability to automatically detect the arrival of new driver packages that introduce new functionality features (such as expanded feature set of audio processing chips) or stability fixes, which can potentially reduce their usefulness and reliability. In the worst-case scenario, bad drivers can in some situations lead to serious OS instability, data loss on your storage drives, or in extreme situations extreme overheating of your CPU/GPU due to processing load or fan misconfiguration.

Installation and Use

Since ASUS Live Update aims to provide high-quality service in an unobtrusive way, its installation package comes at below 5MB in size, which ensures that the app can be installed quickly, not take much space on your local storage, and also not require a lot of processing or memory resources once it is activated. After installation is finished, it is highly recommended to run the app immediately and let it scan your PC once and contact online ASUS servers to see if new drivers are available. The best possible usage scenario includes leaving the app running in the background constantly.

The user interface of ASUS Live Update is so simplistic that it even does not feature the main window. All that it needs are a small icon that will find its home in your taskbar near your system clock. By clicking on it you can initiate instant update check or set up an automatic schedule that will scan for new drivers in defined periods (daily, every three days, weekly, every second week, monthly, or every three months).

Features and Highlights

  • Unobtrusive driver updater for users of ASUS hardware.
  • Lightweight and fast operation.
  • Optimized for use on laptops.
  • Set custom update intervals, ranging from daily to every third month.
  • Available on Windows 7, 8, and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • 100% FREE!